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Muslim ChickenBiryani

  Muslim Ingredient ChickenBiryani ki Recipes Tasty Muslim ChickenBiryani is a scrumptious savory rice dish that’s loaded with spicy marinated hen, caramelized onions, and flavorful saffron rice. For my Biryani, I simplify the order of operations, whereas retaining the standard layered strategy to assembling it. Muslim ChickenBiryani Hen Biryani is a savory hen and rice … Read more

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Sweet Chanadal Gujiya Ki Recipe Healthy Testy


SWEET CHANADAL GUJIYA KI RECIPE HEALTHY AND TESTY Sweet chanadal gujiya ki recipe are generally made in nearly all north Indian households testy and wholesome, however Tularamji’s Gujiya was once distinctive and a lower above the remaining.The irresistible Mughlai meals is harking back to the Nawabi and the Mughal glory. The world famend Dum Pukht … Read more

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SujiIdli Recipe | Savory Soft Idli | Spongy Idli Recipe

suji Idli Recipe

 SujiIdli Recipe | Savory Soft Idli | Spongy Idli Recipe Suji Idli is a soft, pillowy steamed savory cake produced from rava or cream of wheat batter that makes for a satisfying and wholesome breakfast.  Immediate SujiIdli Recipe Works Historically, idli is produced from rice and lentils, which entails soaking the rice and lentils for … Read more

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masala thepla recipe

  MASALA THEPLA The components had been prepared, however had no thought about how the MASALA THEPLA needs to be.  it presupposed to be skinny or thick or crispy and so forth. THEPLA RECIPE You may say Masala Paratha is a few fundamental plain paratha with basic Indian spices like turmeric powder, purple chili powder … Read more

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ALOO PULAO or POTATO RICE This potato rice or ALOO pulao is an easy and minimally spiced rice dish made with our favourite elements – rice and potatoes POTATO RICE or ALOO PULAO that’s frequently ready at residence. Motive being it will get carried out in much less time and the preparation is also fast. This ALOO … Read more

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Egg 65 Recipe, How To prepare Egg 65 Recipe

egg 65 recipes

Egg 65 recipe It can sometimes be hard to find something quick and delicious to make when you’ve come home after a long day at work or its tea time and you have nothing to snack on. And there is no better way to enjoy your evening tea but with a delicious snack. nothing can … Read more

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CRISPY INSTANT RAVA DOSA Recipe: CRISPY INSTANT RAVA DOSA are staple breakfast for a lot of south indians. there are a lot of methods to make these crepe and may be made with completely different components and seasoning together with completely different sort of dry spices and vegetable. moreover, i want to add few extra … Read more

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Rava Kheer Puri Recipe in Religious Events

Kheer puri

Rava Kheer Puri Recipe : Rava kheer recipe,suji ki kheer,rava payasayam,sooji kheer recipe A simple, creamy, rich and instant version of kheer prepared with semolina or rava. It is mainly prepared during fasting and religious events as dessert or kheer or payasam or Rava Kheer Puri Recipe. Basically a milk rava pudding dessert which is … Read more

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